About Us

Our Story

After spending decades climbing the corporate ladder, we’ve seen too many of our colleagues fall victim to the effects of stress and burnout. But work shouldn’t be making us sick. It should be a positive part of our lives which motivates us and gives us a sense of achievement. Is that too much to ask? We don’t think so! 

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of our colleagues to build happy, healthy and sustainable careers by embedding mindful ways of working. And we’ve combined all of that knowledge and experience to create My Trained Mind. We’re making a stand. We’re challenging the traditional methods. We’re helping to create future-fit organisations where people can flourish. Are you in?

Our mission

Our mission is to unlock potentialAnd this is something we care deeply about. By training our brains we build strength and resilience, and improve our ability to access our pre-frontal cortex. This can have a positive impact on many areas, such as memory, decision making, cognitive flexibility and social behaviour. In doing this we create the opportunity to unlock our true potential.

Our values

Be happy

When we're happy we feel motivated and energised, and we do our best work. Happiness is embedded in everything we do.

Be healthy

Good health is a foundation for a happy and successful life. We take care of ourselves so that we can be at our best at home and at work.

Be human

We are all wonderful, unique, imperfect human beings. We bring humanity to every interaction, and encourage others to do the same.

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