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We worked with esynergy, a forward thinking technology consultancy, to launch a social media campaign and live webinar for World Mental Health Week.


esynergy have created a culture that prioritises the happiness and wellbeing of their staff. They understand the importance of investing in preventive care to help avoid burnout and sustain a healthy approach to work. 

With a focus on the approaching Mental Health Awareness Week, they asked us to create an experience that would demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness in a relatable and accessible way; sharing quick, simple techniques that their people could embed into their day to day lives.

The work

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Week was anxiety. So we started by creating an original article, tailored to suit the culture at Esynergy, explaining anxiety and how mindfulness can be used to support recovery. Their in-house social media team helped to promote the initiative and create the buzz we needed.

The article included a short breathing exercise, again created specifically for Esynergy, which we encouraged employees to incorporate into their routines.

We finished with a live virtual sessions, demonstrating the benefits of mindfulness and how to put it into practice.

The impact

Employees at esynergy are now well informed about how mindfulness can be a useful tool in managing stress and anxiety

They know about why we feel stressed at work, the neuroscience behind it, and the impact that can have. And they now have tools to help them introduce mindful ways of working, overcome challenging situations and unlock their true potential.

esynergy comments

"As part of our Mental health wellbeing week initiative, we teamed up with My Trained Mind, who were the perfect match for the campaign. The My Trained Mind team, demonstrated profound expertise in mindfulness, underpinned by an evidence-based approach. They introduced effective tools, instilling a more mindful, intentional approach to our actions. Besides being knowledgeable, they were also excellent collaborators, accommodating every request with ease and enthusiasm. Their work has helped improve our routines and working with them was truly a pleasure."
Dzeneta Virkava
Digital Marketing Manager


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