Introduction to Mindfulness


Welcome to the gym for the brain! This introduction to mindfulness has been created for beginners, or those looking for a refresher. In this course you'll learn about the neuroscience behind mindfulness, the impact it can have in today's world, and how to embed your own practice with minimal effort.

You'll take away simple tools and techniques that help you to look after your brain, and create the conditions where you can be at your best.

If any of these statements apply, this course could be for you:

  • You're easily distracted and find it hard to focus or pay attention
  • You'd like to be less stressed or anxious
  • You judge yourself harshly and have low self-compassion
  • You experience imposter syndrome and often believe you're not good enough
  • You find it hard to be positive and often feel down
  • You want to build mental strength and resilience
  • You're curious about how to train your brain to perform in a more optimal way

This course is completely secular and evidence-based, and your trainer is certified by Mindfulness UK. Join us on this journey where we'll help you to embed positive new habits and unlock your potential. We'll see you in class!


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What is mindfulness?
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