Tuesday 10th October 2023

World Mental Health Day

Are you an employer who wants to do something special to mark this year’s World Mental Health Day? We’re offering thoughtfully crafted sessions that combine the latest neuroscience and evidence-based mindfulness to support the mental health of your employees. Here are three reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us…

Highly customised

We won't grab something off the shelf. We'll provide a highly personal and relevant experience.

Simple delivery

There's no technical implementation or heavy lifting required from you.

Options for any budget

We'll build an engaging and effective solution that doesn't break the bank.

Our World Mental Health Day offerings

Treat these like a bag of mindful pick ‘n’ mix. Select your favourites and we’ll create a tailored package that meets your needs and achieves your business goals. Contact us for further details and pricing.

An explanation of the neuroscience, followed by a guided mindfulness practice. The duration of these sessions can be tailored to suit.

These help develop focus and clarity, reduce stress levels and build healthy habits. A series of these provides an excellent first step on the path towards mindful working.

In-depth webinars to demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness and the neuroscience that supports it. We cover many topics such as stress management, sleep, time management and coping with change. 

We’ve also created special content for unique environments such as graduate schemes and call centres. All Deep-Dives include a 5-10 minute guided mindfulness practice. This is our most popular offering.

Half or full day events to embed the benefits mindfulness, the neuroscience that supports it and how to put it into practice in the real world. 

We’ll work with you beforehand to understand your unique goals and challenges, so that we can create a highly tailored experience. Great for team off-sites and away days.

Our NeuroLeadership Institute trained coaches spend time with your team on a 1:1 basis  to understand their unique challenges and blockers. Inviting new ways of thinking using mindfulness techniques, we help to remove barriers and encourage creative, lasting routes to success. 

The Coaching Plan can be tailored to suit. A typical structure might consist of 3-12 sessions at 30-60 mins each. This is usually sufficient to create new insights and form an action plan for overcoming a particular challenge.

And one last thing

It’s really important that your interaction with us is easy and stress-free from the get-go. We offer a no-obligation quote for all our services to ensure we can deliver the best solution for you and your team. 

Get in touch to see if we’re a good match- we’d love to hear from you.

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