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Mindfulness in teams

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing work environment, effective teamwork is essential for achieving success. However, working in teams can be challenging, especially when team members have different backgrounds, perspectives, and personalities. When team culture is not right, it can even invoke our primitive survival instincts, as we try to avoid being cast out of the […]

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Mindfulness in the workplace

While mindfulness was once seen as a purely personal practice, many employers have begun to recognise the benefits of incorporating mindfulness-based solutions in the workplace. By promoting mindful ways of working, organisations can create environments where their people can flourish. This in turn drives business results and better customer service, so everybody wins.  In fact,

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Rock stars & super heroes

For employers and leaders of people… Your people are your most important asset, and they offer you unlimited potential. Look closely, listen and truly see the talent that you have within. Rock Stars and Super Heroes who are waiting to be their true authentic selves. But what is holding them back from stepping forward and

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12 tips for mindful working

A collection of tips to help you embed mindful working in your daily routine. There are 12 so you can focus on one per month if that works for you. Otherwise you might want to try a different one every day and then stick with your favourites.  Tip 1: Take breaks Regular breaks help to

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Mindful public speaking

When speaking in public have you ever felt like your mouth is talking but your brain isn’t really contributing? Have you ever noticed that you’re trying to robotically recall your script, rather than engaging with the audience. If that’s the case don’t worry, you’re not alone. As our careers progress, we might find ourselves speaking

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