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Your people are your most important asset, and they offer you unlimited potential. Look closely, listen and truly see the talent that you have within. Rock Stars and Super Heroes who are waiting to be their true authentic selves. But what is holding them back from stepping forward and playing their air guitar or flying through the office? If only it was easy to spot the talent within. 


Managing client and shareholder expectations and delivering profits consumes a vast amount of time. But how much of your time is spent helping and supporting your people to be at their best. Let’s pause there and reflect on the word “managing”. The Oxford Dictionary meaning for “manage” is to control or be in charge of a business, a team or organisation. And the root meaning of the word “manage”, which comes from the Latin word “manus”, means “hand”. Managing originally referred to control with your hands. And perhaps here lies an answer to the question of what holds people back from being their true authentic selves at work. Controlling with hands is not the way we manage teams today. However there are still many out-dated practices, habits and mindsets which can “numb” individuals and have a negative impact on their psychological safety. 


In contrast, to “lead” in the Oxford Dictionary means to cause a person to go with one by holding them by the hand, while moving forward. The word “leadership” comes from the old English word “lithan” which literally means to “go” and to “guide”. If asked, would your people say they are managed or lead? Do they feel safe, appreciated, listened to and seen? 

The world needs great leaders

Giving your people a voice, truly listening and seeing them without judgement or reprisal, creates psychological safety. Doing the right thing for your people, showing genuine interest and helping them to grow cultivates a culture of trust where passion, purpose and potential thrive. The world needs great leaders. And people need to be their true authentic selves, so that they, and the business can flourish.

Here at My Trained Mind we believe in a fresh approach to leadership, built around evidence-based mindfulness techniques and neuro-science. We won’t tell you how to run your business but we will help you to bring out the best in your people. 

We would love to meet your Rock Stars and Super Heroes of the future.

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